• Spirit1.png

    Adoptable: Sunbeamy Spirit

    I’m Spirit, a loving, laid-back lap cat prepared to snuggle you all day long. It will be hard to stop petting me because... more

  • DIYScratchingPost.png

    DIY Scratching Post

    Designating a spot for your cat to safely scratch is one of the most effective ways to minimize damage to your possessions. Create a homemade scratching post with this quick... more

  • AdviceFirstTimePetOwners.png

    Advice for First-Time Pet Owners

    Deciding to get your first pet is exciting. However, it takes a lot more than picking out food for your animal of choice. You need to... more

  • Merrill3.png

    Adoptable: Mellow Merrill

    I’m Merrill, a laid-back lady ready to be the comforting, sweet companion you've been looking for. I'm a gorgeous gray tabby with a warm, friendly... more

  • OscarTN.png

    Adoptable: Oscar the Snuggler

    Do you like to hit the snooze button a few times in the morning? I do too! My name is Oscar and I'm happy to cuddle in bed until... more

  • CatsScratchMatch.png

    Your Cat's Scratch Has Met Its Match

    Ever since the day the first feline became a house cat, destructive cat scratching has plagued owners. All the affection and loving... more

  • Boscoe_620x480.png

    Adoptable: Boscoe the Cuddlebug

    The humans tell me I’m a senior but I think I’m still a puppy. I'm enthusiastic and can still run and goof off with the best of them. When it comes to toys, the squeakier the better. I'll dazzle... more

  • PetMyths.png

    5 Myths About Senior Pets Busted

    A series of unfortunate myths regarding pets have become pervasive in our modern society. Here are five myths that deserve a thorough debunking... more

  • PetInsurance.png

    Is Pet Insurance Really Worth It?

    Pets are a commonality in many American households. In fact, according to the 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 84.6 million homes have a pet. But pets are... more

  • Jaxx_620x480.png

    Adoptable: Jaxx the Sweet Orangesicle

    I’m a handsome orangesicle tabby who is super easygoing. If you give me head scratches and hold me, I will love you furever. I do well around people—more people equals more... more