About Us

Who We Are:

SRG Services, Inc. is a leading media publishing company headquartered in Houston.

For over a decade, SRG Services, Inc. has been publishing first-class, highly reputable publications: The Senior Resource Guide for Active Aging Adults and PRIME Living magazine―the luxury lifestyle magazine of Texas.

Proudly family-owned, the company offers enlightening experiences both on and off the page, including through online, print, custom content and events.

The Senior Resource Guide:

The Senior Resource Guide provides lifestyle resources for active aging adults, caregivers and elder care professionals in Texas. It directs over half a million readers annually to local products and services and is considered the "one-stop shop for all things relating to active aging."

Our greater Houston editions are published twice a year in 3 area editions: a North Edition, Southwest Edition and Southeast Edition. Our greater Austin edition is published twice a year as well.

Where to Find Us:

Printed copies of each edition are available for free at Walgreens, H-E-B, Kroger and local hospitals. For additional locations, please call 281.277.2333.

Have a loved one who is just coming out of the hospital? Be sure to ask your Hospital Case Manager or Social Worker to provide you with a complimentary copy. Most hospitals have copies available either through the Case Management Department or in stands at the front entrance of the hospital.


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